Powder Snow

It’s winter and I guess this song fits the season~

A lyrics video I made for the song Powder Snow. Originally from White Album -Tsuzurareru Fuyu no Omoide- Original Soundtrack. There are different versions for this song but I used this because I like the arrangement and overall feel of this version.


Twinkle Snow ’13 Lyrics Video

「Twinkle Snow ’13」


Lyrics: Naoko Sutani
Composition: Junya Matsuoka
Arrangement: Shuntaro Kobayashi
Performer: Akari Tsuda
A lyrics video I made for the song 「Twinkle Snow ’13」

Twinkle Snow ’13, from TV Anime White Album2 Vocal Collection. Only watched the anime but already fell in love with the series music. I personally prefer the 2013 version for this song than the original. The new arrangement really brings out the bitterness of the song~