Rewrite+ PV

Rewrite+, a new version of Rewrite VN.

Changes includes (credits to Kazamatsuri for the info):

– Modifications to some of the scenario text, supervised by Romeo Tanaka himself, which help explain the lore of the world of Rewrite better.
– Brand-new CGs created to help complement the large number of memorable scenes we’ve had over the course of the game.
– Additional character voices (over 500, even!) and additional sprites for characters that didn’t have them (yes, that includes Inoue!)
So much much many good stuffs Key are throwing to us~
(*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑


Waifu spotted! o(^∀^*)o

Last week on Charlotte episode 8, Nao said:

True story~

This really reflects how I feel about some of the artist/band I listen to. And then this week on Charlotte episode 9:

Waifu spotted!

Wow Nao, why do you have the same attitude as me? I’m more towards buying practical stuffs during any sorts of merchandise sale.

OMG, my waifu spotted! o(^∀^*)o