Rewrite Episode 16 Scenes VS CGs


Rewrite episode 16 notable scenes compared with game CGs. Some were left out because they were shown and compared before.

Rewrite & Rewrite+ OP Philosophyz ~TV animation ver.~ (TVsize)

I decided to use the recently released Philosophyz ~TV animation ver.~ preview with the original Rewrite game opening and the upcoming Rewrite+ PV to get a feel of the Philosophyz anime ver with visual context. Hey, it’s actually not bad~




「 ささやかなはじまり」 Sasayaka na Hajimari Lyrics Video

「 ささやかなはじまり」
Sasayaka na Hajimari
A Humble Beginning


Lyrics: NanosizeMir
Composition: Tsukagoshi Yuuichirou
Arrangement: Tsukagoshi Yuuichirou
Performer: Mizutani Runa
A lyrics video I made for the song 「 ささやかなはじまり」 ( Sasayaka na Hajimari). It’s like a MAD/AMV but I prefer to call it a lyrics video because what I have in mind is to have the music and animation to fit the meaning and story of the lyrics.

Originally from Rewrite Harvest festa! Original SoundTrack “Feast”, and also the ending credits song for the game. It is also announced to be the ending song for the upcoming Rewrite anime!

This song has brought me up numerous time whenever I am feeling low in life. I hope this song will inspire you in some ways too~

Finally, I translated the song with reference to a Chinese translation and my basic Japanese ability so please pardon me for any translation errors~

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