Powder Snow

It’s winter and I guess this song fits the season~

A lyrics video I made for the song Powder Snow. Originally from White Album -Tsuzurareru Fuyu no Omoide- Original Soundtrack. There are different versions for this song but I used this because I like the arrangement and overall feel of this version.


Music Appreciation – Life is like a Melody

“We will hum our song under the blue sky we all painted together. Our strides may never match again, but if we walk on, we can aim for the future…”

Lyrics: Jun Maeda
Composer: Jun Maeda
Arrangement: Kazuya Takase
Singer: Lia

Rewrite Visual Novel OP “Philosophyz ~TV animation ver ~” (Game size)

With the release of the full version for Philosophyz ~TV animation ver.~, I decided again to mix it with the original Rewrite game opening. This time it’s the full length game opening.

Upcoming KSL Albums


On September 21, we will see the release of 3 albums. They are (from left to right):

「Word of Dawn/おきらく☆きゅうさい」
(Word of Dawn/O Kiraku ☆ Kyūsai)

Track List
01.Word of Dawn
03.Word of Dawn (TVsize)
04.Word of Dawn (Instrumental)
05.おきらく☆きゅうさい (Instrumental)


「End of the World/へたくそな唄」
(End of the World/Hetakusona Uta)

Track List
01.End of the World
03.End of the World (TVsize)
04.End of the World (Instrumental)
05.へたくそな唄 (Instrumental)


Anime「planetarian ~星の人~」Main Theme
「星の舟/Gentle Jena」
(Hoshi no Fune/Gentle Jena)

Track List
02.Gentle Jena
03.星の舟 (Instrumental)
04.Gentle Jena (Instrumental)

Source: http://key.soundslabel.com/discography.html

Twinkle Snow ’13 Lyrics Video

「Twinkle Snow ’13」


Lyrics: Naoko Sutani
Composition: Junya Matsuoka
Arrangement: Shuntaro Kobayashi
Performer: Akari Tsuda
A lyrics video I made for the song 「Twinkle Snow ’13」

Twinkle Snow ’13, from TV Anime White Album2 Vocal Collection. Only watched the anime but already fell in love with the series music. I personally prefer the 2013 version for this song than the original. The new arrangement really brings out the bitterness of the song~