Violet Evergarden


It’s totally worth dedicating my time to make panoramas for this amazing anime.


2017 Review

-Rewrite TV anime Moon & Terra broadcast
-Rewrite+ English version announced
-KudWafter OVA announced
-KudWafter OVA Japan and overseas crowdfunding
-Visited planetarian exhibition in Akihabara Gamers
-KSL Live World 2016 BD released
-Harmonia Japanese physical version released
-Little Busters! official English version released
-Little Busters! 10th anniversary
-VisualArt’s/Key participated in both CharaExpo and C3 AFA
-Key orchestra concert 2018 announced
-Summer Pockets release date announced

-Trails in the Sky the 3rd PC version released
-Trails of Cold Steel PC version released
-Sen no Kiseki III released
-Sen no Kiseki IV announced

Itaru Hinoue New Project


Hinoue-sensei, ex-illustrator of Key, has a new project, titled “Koropukkur”.

“Featuring Itaru Hinoue, the lead artist for AIR, Kanon, Clannad, and Rewrite, this new title Koropokkur will tell the tale of a young fairy and her journey to become human and fall in love.

Set in modern Akihabara, this heartwarming tale will feature many cute episodes as the heroine helps a young man save his cafe, all while struggling to avoid getting carried away by cats and birds when she accidentally reverts to her normal, miniature size. Will she ever manage to find love? Will she find what she needs to become human? Can she do it before her time runs out?

Koropokkur is planned for release on MangaGamer, Steam, and Japanese retailers. Development of Koropokkur will be funded through Kickstarter, so those looking to support it should follow MangaGamer on Twitter for news as it develops.”

Excerpt from:

Rewrite Episode 24 Scenes VS CGs


Rewrite final episode, episode 24 notable scenes compared with game CGs.