Upcoming KSL Albums


On September 21, we will see the release of 3 albums. They are (from left to right):

「Word of Dawn/おきらく☆きゅうさい」
(Word of Dawn/O Kiraku ☆ Kyūsai)

Track List
01.Word of Dawn
03.Word of Dawn (TVsize)
04.Word of Dawn (Instrumental)
05.おきらく☆きゅうさい (Instrumental)


「End of the World/へたくそな唄」
(End of the World/Hetakusona Uta)

Track List
01.End of the World
03.End of the World (TVsize)
04.End of the World (Instrumental)
05.へたくそな唄 (Instrumental)


Anime「planetarian ~星の人~」Main Theme
「星の舟/Gentle Jena」
(Hoshi no Fune/Gentle Jena)

Track List
02.Gentle Jena
03.星の舟 (Instrumental)
04.Gentle Jena (Instrumental)

Source: http://key.soundslabel.com/discography.html


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