More Charlotte Wallpaper

Under the stars


Gaze upon the stars


More Charlotte wallpapers I made from Charlotte ED~



  1. It might be late, but would you mind if I use your works as background in Charlotte Wikia?
    Unfortunately, I had to remove your wordmark to fit the format and the fadeout.

    If you want to, I could add a new wordmark.

    I’m sorry for using your works without your permission.

    • Hello there. Yes, I will very much appreciate it if you credit me in any way after the removal of the watermark. I also went to take a look at the Wikia page too. It’s awesome that there is one in such a short time.

      And it’s okay to use my works as long as they stay in their original form. You would only need to ask my permission when you want to remove or change anything, which like what you did in this case~

      Anyway, there are others who did what I did but without any watermark. So I’m happy and honoured to have you or anyone appreciating and using my works! (*^▽^*)

      As long as they credit me though… (≧∇≦)

      • You can find the wiki at

        The way background script work practically require the image to be altered. That’s involving splitting the image in two to accommodate variable width and adding fadeout effect to blend the image seamlessly into background. Is this okay?

        I’m sorry that there’s no visible credit right now. I’ll add your credit once I fix my PS, with the cloud thing and whatnot it actually PITA to work with. Maybe tonight if nothing extraordinary happens (I presume that we are practically in the same timezone, right?).
        And because the way background autoscaling works, I can’t guarantee that the credit will be visible in every situation (people with effective browser width between 1084px to 1110px comes to mind, but who use that?).

        And there’s some other users that also upload your works too. Verbatim, ofc. 🙂

  2. Wow..sounds like a real hassle. It’s alright, as long as credits is given. Maybe you could just put it in the main page, or I could make one that fits what you need. It’s no rush, take your time~ (And my timezone is GMT+8)

    Well, I do hope the other users uploaded them without modifying XD.

    And thanks for taking the time and effort to set up the Wikia! =)

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