Initial D Anime Finally Ends


Disclaimer: I am not writing a review here, and there would probably have some minor spoilers! 

After 16 years, one of the most epic anime series, Initial D, has finally comes to an end. For me, I started watching it probably in 2001, and I have followed it ever since. I think the following comment from a viewer basically sums the series up:

This anime doesn’t need overpowered anime fights, it doesn’t need the usual shounen pattern with badass radioactive hair to impress the viewer with its intensity and brilliant writing. It’s somewhat slice of life yet the races were something that always pumps one up.

The ending was definitely satisfying for me, although I feel sad it really ended. Kudos to m.o.v.e for singing almost ALL THE OPENING AND ENDING songs for THE ENTIRE SERIES. Too bad they disbanded in 2013. And here comes the best part for me personally, THE FINALE SONG FOR THE FINAL EPISODE WAS RAGE YOUR DREAM!!! THE FEEEEEEELS!!! I was on the brink of tears immediately when the song started (;*△*;). And I better not drive with this song playing, because I may just get crazy..and start doing stupid things (*≧▽≦)

I would be likely marathon the entire Initial D series again soon~