Little Busters! BD Vol.6 Case Cover

Little Busters! BD Vol.6 Case Cover

Little Busters! BD Vol.6 Case Cover

I know this is really late, but finally I have the time and mood to clean up another BD cover from Little Busters!. Other BD Covers are available at my deviantArt. Will probably post a full collection of the BD Covers when I have finished all of them…

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu new MV – Yume no Hajima Ring Ring

Ahh…it’s March soon, the season of Sakura and graduation.

This song is very realistic, which is rare for a song of mine, so we created a story for the music video as well. Since the theme is ‘graduation’, I wore a colorful school uniform that’s very ‘me’ as well as a hakamagi. Also, we put in a lot of time and effort shooting my ‘PONPONPON’ outfit – which, since it’s from my debut song, means a lot to me – my favorite outfit for ‘Fashion Monster’, and the large number of poses, but I think it turned out wonderfully.

Life Lessons Learned From Flappy Birth

Flappy Birth

Flappy Birth

I don’t play Flappy Bird, but found this funny~

Flappy Bird life lessons:

Life is like a bird.

If you don’t fly desperately, you will fall and die. However, if you are over desperate, you will crash and die.

Being constantly fretful and complaining will die quicker. Being calm and peaceful will live longer.

Whatever it is, you will still die eventually.